Direly Quetta needs more “Khudis”


Yesterday was one of many blood-soaked days for Balochistan’s capital, Quetta. Already in the morning the residents of city got to hear a blast pow, where explosives were planted in a Frontier Corp vehicle at Bacha Khan Chowk. The explosion resulted in 12 innocent lives being perished. Indeed, it created helter-skelter between the residents to bury the dead bodies.

Yet the more-then-enough rule doesn’t work in Pakistan, at least not in Quetta. After an interval of only few hours Alamdar Road, a majorly Shia Hazara people territory, witnessed another mass massacre, still the same tactic as in the morning -bomb blast. Nevertheless this time planned “Mardanawar”, boldly, a twin-blast to claim an unforgettable catastrophe.

And they really made it to the goal; the bloody carnage took as many as 90 lives.

The brutal incidents cost an enormous loss to humanity indeed. It also happened to be the death of an admired friend, a human rights activist –Irfan Ali Khudi.

Allegedly, Irfan Ali Khudi, 33, had come to Quetta so that he could “deliver peace training to young activist”. 

Although I intended to write my feelings, yet am leaving this post incomplete…

One thought on “Direly Quetta needs more “Khudis”

  1. I would just like to say that:
    ایہہ پُتر ہتھاں اُتے نئیں وکدے تُو لبھدی ایں اُدھار کُڑے

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